Getting Started

To begin at the beginning makes the most sense, so let me take you back over a decade.  Back to when an expectant young woman finished training in media at college and university and set off into the wide world to work doing what she loved.

It started off rather well, due to being noticed for a talent in editing during her first (and only) work experience placement, she was offered a job as a production secretary for an online comedy clip show.  The majority of the work was easy, straightforward and fun, it was only when it came to human interaction that she faltered.  “Never mind,” thought she, “it’s something I’ll get better at with the more experience that I gain.”  Unfortunately such experience had an unfortunately short deadline, after the twenty-five episode contract was up, the two companies that funded the show decided that, due to many conflict between them, they would not be renewing.

As the job came to a close the young woman found herself unemployed despite many month of scrabbling for any industry positions.  As it turns out, within the media industry, unless a person has two to five years of work experience, regardless of qualifications, no one will give you a second glance.  And as if this wasn’t enough, due to the stereotype that overweight people are probably less likely to be good runners, she found herself out of options.

For a long time the young woman twiddled her thumbs, slowly loosing her enthusiasm and motivation for the world she had assumed that she would have naturally entered into.  Weeks turned into months, it wasn’t long before the girl admitted defeat after countless disappointing interviews missed opportunities.

For over a decade she committed to working in jobs that were alright but never just right.  There were some that she really did love, however there was always something missing.

Flash forward a few years and the marriage of a beloved friend granted the opportunity to provide a gift that utilised her skills and would be something that they could treasure forever.  “This is it,” she thought, “not only can I do something that I enjoy, but I can also make people happy.”

Speaking honestly it took another few years for her to build up the courage to even try to attempt such a venture.  With what would probably be diagnosed as social anxiety disorder (or would be if she weren’t too anxious about talking to a doctor about it) she struggled with the thought of interacting with potential clients.  However another friend’s wedding provided her with the much-needed reminder that it was definitely worth while.

Unfortunately, the previous years had been difficult financially and too timid to even check her credit score, she decided to save for the equipment and insurance costs that were a standard requirement for any small video maker.  It would take approximately two years of scrimping and saving to get the funds that she required, yet she considered it worth it.

However, a few months later, with the acquisition of a new job and the termination of the last of any benefits, the local council turned around and claimed that she now owed them £2300.  For eight or so months, she fought, she raised every valid point, but at the end of the day, whilst the error was on the side of the council, she had received that amount more than she should have. With no other way around it, she began to pay back the amount in £100 monthly instalments.

Now with the end of this ridiculous debt in sight, she is now working for free, hoping to build a client base and generate some interest, so she can begin on a high note.  A saving grace is the amazon vouchers which are received for Christmas and birthday.  They enable her to purchase some of the more minor items needed; night lights, sound recording, tripods, batteries and memory cards.

Happiness is difficult to find, a job that you don’t enjoy can start to tear away at you soul.  With what remains as a long journey to go, the young girl is no longer as young, approaching 30, she still hopes that this she can accomplish this; to help people to capture their most precious of days and savour them for as long as they wish.

I wish to help you capture Your Day.


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